Economic Empowerment for Women & Marginalised People : Building an Online Directory of APAC…

At a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, where we rang in 2023, we went around and shared our theme or word for the year.

The theme/word is what we envision and plan to work toward for the year ahead.

This word deeply resonates with me because I witnessed & experienced so much financial trauma before & during COVID.

In 2017, I started experiencing financial difficulties (within and without my control) that snowballed yearly.

This string of unfortunate events culminated in my biggest financial hit

Unhacking Feminism

In "Unhacking Feminism," Lauralyn confronts the digital dilemma facing modern feminism. While the internet has amplified feminist causes like the #MeToo movement, it has also given rise to anti-feminist groups within the 'manosphere,' who use digital platforms to disseminate toxic narratives. Leveraging mental health concepts like DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender), these groups distort the definition of feminism and weaponize the internet against gender equality. Lauralyn calls for a collective effort to 'unhack' feminism by reclaiming and fortifying digital spaces, urging readers to engage with resources like the 30 for 2030 OGBV (Online Gender-Based Violence) Prevention Toolkit.