Lauralyn (Laura), a vibrant Filipina based in Kuala Lumpur, embodies a unique blend of creativity, advocacy, and cross-cultural connection. A survivor of reporting online gender-based violence (OGBV), she has transformed her experiences into a driving force for change. Her expertise in marketing communications, combined with her deep commitment to gender equality, equity, justice and human rights, informs her dynamic approach to creating meaningful social impact.

With 16 years of professional versatility across Multimedia Design, Branding & Marketing Communications, Project Management, and Sales, she has contributed to diverse industries, including Civil Societies, Telecommunications, and Education. Laura’s extensive experience includes overseeing IT revamp projects worth RM1 million, brand identity, project management, and managing multidisciplinary teams. 

An unwavering champion of Women's Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, SRHRJ, preventing GBV, Health & Wellbeing, and Economic Empowerment, Laura's voice echoes in her work as a speaker, writer, and moderator. She collaborates with international initiatives like the UN Women APAC 30 for 2030 network and transforms her education and passion into tools for positive social change.